In the implementation of all projects, collective entrepreneurship as a strategy is emphasized. The concept, when applied to community based projects, is about developing, sharing and implementation of innovative solutions to socio-economic problems by different partners who include, among others, government institutions, non-government organizations, professionals and community members with a view to coming up with appropriate and practical solutions to identified problems that face the community members. 

The implementation of the concept, as it is anticipated, enhance the adoption of new and appropriate solutions that mitigate against some of the main challenges that are faced by community members in different counties in regard to all the four mentioned themes: poverty alleviation; food security/agriculture; health; and water, sanitation; and hygiene.

Board of Directors

The board of directors comprise a gender balanced team of three ladies and three gentlemen who are spearheading the strategic decisions of the organization. These are:

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Board Patron/Advisor
Bishop Dr. Isaiah Challo (PhD) 

Is the founder and the Presiding Bishop of Living Water Church International which has 150 branches in different parts in Kenya. The church headquarters are in Umoja Two, Nairobi. 

Motivational Skills 

The Bishop has excellent motivational skills on mindset transformation. In his presentation on the topic “The Purpose of Life” during a Leaders’ Conference that was held at Living Water Church International headquarters in Nairobi (8th to 10th August 2019), the Bishop stated that: 

“….God gave us tremendous power to improve our living standards in three environments: in water; in air; and on earth. Each person was created in a unique way and therefore, we have the ability to create jobs in these three environments to alleviate poverty that is challenging mankind today. However, we must shift the way our minds are tuned to God’s view…

Board National Director 
Pastor Grace Ndunge 
Is highly skilled in training community members on the following, among other skills: 
  • Financial management
  • Community mobilization 
  • Production and marketing of aloe products such as disinfectant, body lotion and hair shampoo, among others
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Board Chairman 
Mr. John Kioko

Is passionate on the conservation of the environment through planting of tree

Board Secretary / Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Francis Ndeme (MBA) 

Has excellent skills in the promotion of enterprise development. Previously, he consulted for both international and national organizations which include, among others:

  • Africa Initiative for Rural Development (AiRD)
  • Micro- Enterprises Support Programme Trust (MESPT)
  • Food and Agricultural Organization of United Nations
  • USDA/Land O’ Lakes Inc. (KSALES)
  • USTADI Foundation
  • UNDP/DDC-Market Access Project
  • DANIDA/Agricultural Business Development
  • USAID/HIV Free Generation
  • USAID/Kenya Horticultural Competitiveness Project 



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Board Treasurer
Ms Margret Mwai

Ms Margaret Mwai is a practicing farmer in Mwingi, Kitui County in Kenya. She has been involved in both horticultural and dairy farming. Her passionate in farming is handy in regard to advising the board on appropriate interventions in agriculture.  


Board Member
Ms Eunice Wambui

Ms Eunice Wambui - third from left in a maroon blouse and wearing spectacles. She represents the youth and therefore, the youth agenda, in particular unemployment, is well articulated in the board. She is passionate about helping other people to improve their lives and livelihoods.

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