Hand Up Development Organization provides this platform as a market linkage space for microenterprises. The owners of micro-enterprises who would like to showcase their products or services in this space are advised to contact our market linkage director.

Liability Statement

 Hand Up Development Organization does not bear any liability in whatever form in relation to buyer seller transactions that are initiated as a result of this platform market linkage. Kindly, both the consumers and micro-enterprises are advised to take full responsibility related to their business transactions. Hand Up Development Organization services, will not be involved in negotiations, verification of goods or services and the verification of reliability of both the suppliers and buyers. In this regard, therefore, both the parties are further advised to get in touch with the relevant government agencies for advice and assistance. Hand Up Development Organization, however, will take full responsibility in relation to the services that are provided by the organization’s personnel directly or through agents as per written agreement documents

Free market space for micro-enterprises

 The market space in this platform is focussed on linking the youth and other vulnerable community members to potential customers who may not be aware of their various products or services. As a registered NGO that is authorized to operate in Kenya, Hand Up Development Organization provides services in a bid to make a contribution to improved livelihood for majority of vulnerable community members through sustainable methods which include, among others, sustainable enterprise development. In this context, this exhibition platform is part of the services provided to microenterprises

Maradioni Youth Empowerment Group
Garbage Collection Services

For garbage collection in Nyali and nearby areas in Mombasa, Maradioni Youth Empowerment Group will be at your service.

Great Dream Achievers Group

Hand tailored clothes and door marts

Bishop Isaac Idambo and his wife 

Organizations of Event
Bishop Isaac Idambo, Hand Up Development County Director, Nairobi, with his wife have skills in preparation of wedding and other type of party events. The preparations include, among other things, decorations, sourcing for tents, chairs and public address systems and the preparation of enticing cakes.


Production of aloe products

Targeted group members will be encouraged to produce aloe products as per Kenya Bureau of Standards requirements. Pastor Grace Ndunge, the National Director, Hand Up Development Organization, takes the lead in this field.  

Participants are taken through the whole process which include sources of quality raw materials, mixing ratios of ingredients, steps that must be taken for certification by Kenya Bureau of Standards, and quality packaging..